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OUAT Ladies + D&D Alignments

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Orphan Black Poster by Me

Proof once again that Orphan Black fan artists are the best fan artists.

More #CloneClub art here.

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In which Cosima hacks Delphine’s account.

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Did anyone else notice that Regina does this stomach clutching thing whenever she’s nervous?

 I know she’s done this a bunch of times when she’s afraid she’s going to lose something/someone she loves.

I’m trying to find more gifs as examples.

Please help, Swen!

gifs from here [x]

She does it in the previous episode when she watches Henry walk away from her when they’re at Granny’s.
It’s the exact same movement she does here when she watches Emma go.
Lana is meticulous with gestures, this is no coincidence!

Got it! Think we can compile a list of examples? I think this is a very important acting choice that Lana decided on. I think She and Jmo know something that no one else does…

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She does it when Emma is pulled unconscious on the Jolly Roger.

Got it! (even though its a terrible screen cap) I really wonder how many we can find. I never noticed this one before!

She does it all the time. She even did it as a teen.

Got the screen shot from teen!Regina doing the stomach thing. She was in love with Daniel and now was about to loose everything that she loved.

Yep guys, I think this is definitely a conscious thought from Lana.

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At the hospital

Im starting to think I need to compile all of these into a single post.

When Emma falls through the portal, her hand moves slightly as if she’s about to, but it’s not quite.

Here’s where she watches Henry walk away!


Oh my heart.

It’s like her ‘nervous tick’ her ‘tell’ if you will. Someone needs to address this because if it is a conscious decision on Lana’s part then there is something going on that we don’t know about. And I swear my poor SwanQueen shipper heart cannot take another blow otherwise it will explode.

For the love of God can someone ask her about this at Comic Con?

Jesus Christ now I’m clutching my stomach for feels!!

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but did y’all notice how they react to henry coming


they each throw out just one arm to catch him 

instinctively preparing for the group hug

emma on the left again and regina on the right like these are their official places in the now-official swan queen family hug

goodnight friends

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A Swan Queen Fanmix, Intoxicated

01. Intoxicated - The Cab; 02. Lucky Strike - Maroon 5; 03. Rather Be - Clean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne); 04. Settle Down - The 1975; 05. The Light - Disco Fries (feat. Niko the Kid); 06. I’m Ready - AJR; 07. Holding Onto Heaven - Foxes; 08. Haven’t Had Enough - Marianas Trench

The sixth fanmix in the series of songs that remind me of Swan Queen. [L I S T E N]

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AU Mixes: Hot For Teacher (SQ!AU) | Girls Freak Me Out (SQ!AU)

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Anyone think it changed so radically, and the writing drastically went downhill because they were scrambling to make twists and turns, BECAUSE Swen figured out their end game in the first episode?

Think about it. Season 1 writing was fantastic. The scenes between Emma and Regina were plentiful, the tension was palpable and the show was ABOUT them and their son. We figured it out, they thought it was going to be revolutionary (which it was) but they needed a long run so they had to hide it and keep it a secret (bullshit) and thus, THIS has happened.

Shoddy writing, forced love interests and drastic character changes amongst endless plot holes and pointless stories. I personally think they would have been better off revealing at the end of season 1 that Emma was Regina’s true love and ride the tension from there.

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